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Part 2, Wesco & Leviton Talk, Decora Edge and EV Chargers

In Part 2 of our discussion with Wesco and Leviton, we delve further into smart home technology. Wesco's partnership with Leviton has greatly benefited the offsite construction community. Leviton provides a range of products including circuit breakers, installation panels, and EV chargers for both residential and commercial use.

Exploring the "Decora Edge" smart circuit breaker, an exclusive offering from Leviton, reveals their commitment to simplicity, reliability, and efficiency. The product boasts a sleek rectangular form factor, with its distinguishing feature being the "edge" – a familiar one-way or three-way tamper-resistant switch found in homes. What sets this product apart is its innovative design at the back, featuring easy-to-install wire openings or tabs. The color-coded space for the hot conductor streamlines the installation process, prioritizing speed and ease of use. With no metal screws or tapping required, Leviton's "Decora Edge" redefines convenience in circuit breaker installation.

In the realm of Smart WiFi technology, Leviton offers a diverse portfolio of products featuring power delivery capabilities. Their smart technology is adept at optimizing energy usage to meet specific needs, embodying a level of intelligence that Kent humorously likened to Leviton devices "attending school". This technology doesn't just enhance the indoor living space; it extends seamlessly to outdoor areas like decks and beyond.

The Decora Smart product line seamlessly integrates into the "My Leviton" app, offering a unified platform for managing smart breakers and EV chargers. This consolidation into a single app underscores Leviton's commitment to scalability, meeting the evolving demands of users. What's particularly noteworthy is that installation doesn't necessitate an additional WiFi network; all devices can be easily managed through the "My Leviton" app, leveraging existing wiring infrastructure within traditional wall boxes.

EV chargers play a crucial role in the automotive industry, especially with the federal government allocating substantial funding for consumer electric cars. Currently, there are three main charging systems, with DC fast chargers like those used by Tesla offering rapid charging capabilities, reaching 80% capacity in just 20 minutes. These chargers require a robust infrastructure, including a 3-phase 100 amp breaker for each unit, often necessitating involvement from utility companies.

Rick Gavenda highlights Leviton's focus on Level 2 chargers, which are ideal for residential and commercial use. Approximately 75% of EV chargers are designed for residential applications, catering to the growing number of electric vehicle owners who prefer the convenience of charging at home. Leviton offers both networked and non-networked Level 2 chargers, positioning themselves at the forefront of this rapidly expanding market. Their product range includes options with 32 amp or 80 amp circuit breakers to accommodate various charging needs.

The partnership between Wesco and Leviton represents a significant advancement in smart home technology. With their collaborative efforts, the integration of smart breaker technology promises to streamline installations, expand product offerings, and enhance safety standards. Next time you're considering building or upgrading your home, embrace the convenience and innovation brought by this partnership, ensuring a seamless and future-ready experience for all.


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