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Leviton & Wesco Aim For Ease, Safety & Smart Technology in Circuit Breakers

Join Rick Forbush and Rick Gavenda from Leviton as they delve into their partnership with Wesco, focusing on Wesco's selection of partners from their Manufactured Structures Group, particularly Kent Anderson. The primary goal is to enhance electrical systems for both homes and multifamily projects. Leviton's expertise spans from the unique circuit breaker system, GFCI to Circuit Breakers, to the installation of complete Load Centers. Leviton designs their products with a focus on ease of installation, safety, efficiency, and they require no wiring. They specialize in working with 60 amp breakers and below, offering branch breakers up to 125 amps.

The versatility of this product is noteworthy, particularly its scalability within homes. The smart breakers can be seamlessly integrated into the load center after occupancy. Leviton emphasizes the electrification trend in new business and the expansion of EV chargers for on-site multifamily projects. Such systems demand increased capacity for traditional loads, coupled with the integration of smart app technology. Leviton's installed load center features a 225 amp capable copper structure, ensuring easy upgrades. Existing homes with Leviton load centers can effortlessly incorporate smart breakers. Leviton provides the option to install a small whole-home energy monitor inside the load center, empowering consumers to choose smart breakers circuit by circuit. This allows for a nuanced understanding of load consumption, the ability to program loads for various efficiencies, and scheduling breakers according to specific energy-saving preferences or time-of-day power requirements.

Leviton's product includes programming for the use of a smart app platform. This platform facilitates scheduling energy use, measurement, control of lighting, and numerous other solutions, all geared towards the product's ease of use. Leviton emphasizes a holistic approach for customers, empowering them with knowledge and centralizing control in one hub.

In the realm of renewable energies such as backup generators, solar, or EV chargers, Leviton's Smart hub allows users to connect a set of CTs, observe KW usage, and monitor various aspects of the home's energy flow. The platform enables users to visually track energy distribution, view battery wall activity, and, with the generator app technology, receive real-time updates on circuit breaker trips triggering backup generator services.

These are just a few aspects of Leviton's trajectory towards integrating smart technology seamlessly into homeowners' lives. In an era where energy savings are crucial, Leviton encourages homeowners to harness the power of smart technology for informed and empowered living. Wesco, as a distributor of this product, stands ready to assist with multifamily or home projects, emphasizing that builders, manufacturers, and developers can find great value in their partnerships.


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