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Baumann Consulting Designs for Sustainable Buildings for Tomorrow

Kelly Adighije joined Baumann Consulting as a Senior Mechanical Engineer in 2012 and is now leading the office in Chicago, IL. He brings 18+ years of experience in commissioning for local and international projects and is the Chair of Baumann’s Commissioning Committee.

On our Offsite Dirt conversation with Audree Grubesic, and Mark Wille, we learn more about calculating Carbon and utilizing other high performance principles with research tools. This team of engineers, scientists and other data experts assists their clients with designing and research for the next generation of building.

Kelly specifically speaks about CHB, Combined Heat and Power, along with Geothermal calculations on projects and why it's so important now. This information allows measurements for more energy efficiencies and considerations for more conservation, along with massive portfolios and collaborative processes.

The people in their offices are from all over the world. This diverse team offers unique viewpoints and cost analysis to be reviewed and exchanged. They have charrettes to map out project which creates vibrancy and a high level of energy. Their teams enjoy mind mapping the projects to really think through best practices and how to discuss these options with their clientele.


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