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Benefits of High Performance Build

On this edition of High Performance Build on Offsite Dirt, Shaun St-Amour and Joe Konopacki, who is filling in for Mark Wille, discuss the benefits of high-performance buildings. Since improved energy efficiency isn't a big selling feature to the majority; enhanced comfort and health are definitely a major attraction with the masses.

These buildings prioritize occupant comfort by incorporating features like efficient HVAC systems, superior insulation, and natural lighting, creating a pleasant and productive environment. High-performance buildings promote indoor air quality through proper ventilation and filtration systems, reducing pollutants and enhancing occupants' health and well-being. With an envelope first approach, outside noises are significantly reduced and are not able to penetrate the thicker shell and improved glazing systems. While high-performance buildings are designed and constructed to maximize energy efficiency, reducing energy consumption and operating costs the occupants truly benefit from a more comfortable, healthy, and quieter zen-like space.


Shaun St-Amour

Joe Konopacki


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