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Big Dog Construction Building Differently with ICF on a High Performance Build

Mark Wille talks about #highperformancebuild with a Canadian construction company. Aron Jones with Big Dog Construction offers his insights on several of their projects. Sometimes this company uses ICF, Insulated Concrete Forms for foundation applications depending on the site specifics. This is becoming a great solution for crawl space designs.

Aron explains, "It's about asking WHY? or Ask the how?" You may always learn something on a project site. They are big fans of ICF's, he celebrates that it meets their code requirements, which means they do not have to add additional insulation below grade. The product to install ICF is formed so it is light and it only is placed once to assist with labor.

Mark talks about ICF's meeting 5 Passive House principles; getting a thermal break, air controlled layer, and getting superior continuous insulation twice. Using this process the concrete takes longer to cure and typically you are using less concrete using this form. The next process is waterproofing and primer.

Aron likes to design buildings that are around for 100 years+, it's all about using good practices to make that happen. The goal is always about having a good plan in place. They are involved with ground work inside the foundation and make sure it's clean. The next part of this wall detail is the sill plate and part 2 is coming up. If you are looking to build efficiently, ICF's may be worthwhile to use in year-round construction. Website: YouTube:


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