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Building Offsite Sustainable Systems - B.O.S.S.

On this edition of High Performance Build on Offsite Dirt, Mark Wille and Shaun St-Amour discuss B.O.S.S. by B Collective. Building Offsite Sustainable Systems is an open source system that was created in order to increase the acceptance of Off Site Construction into the building industry. With every development of a concept, a model must be created.

So Mark and Shaun discuss the mock-up that B Collective and TAG Panels created which ended up in Steve St-Amour's backyard. Yes this is Shaun's dad, so the passion of off-site construction doesn't fall far from the tree. This 108 sq.ft. mock-up is called the PH-Art Shack and is small enough that it didn't require a building permit and will allow Steve to have a space where he can create wonderful art projects in a comfortable and healthy environment.



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