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Exploring High Performance Building and Tackling Mold: An Interview with Cheryl Ciecko

In this interview on Offsite Dirt, host Mark Wille and Audree Grubesic introduce Cheryl Ciecko, the founder of The Art of Building Wellness. Cheryl, a licensed architect with over 30 years of experience, specializes in addressing toxic air quality caused by water damage and mold in buildings. After her own family's health was affected by building-related toxins, Cheryl embarked on an 18-year research and education journey to understand the causes and find solutions.

Cheryl emphasizes the complexity of modern building practices and the need for a shift in the construction industry. Despite advancements in sustainability, buildings continue to face challenges in terms of air quality and mold prevention. Cheryl highlights the need for education and collaboration among professionals to improve building practices and protect indoor air quality.

The interview discusses Cheryl's journey and her efforts to educate and raise awareness about the impact of mold and water damage. She shares her experiences through her website,, and her company, Dwell Well Institute. Cheryl also runs a Facebook group and offers courses and videos to address common concerns and provide guidance.

The conversation touches on specific issues related to mold and water damage, such as the use of polyethylene (poly) and the importance of proper site design and management. Cheryl emphasizes the need for moisture control and the potential problems that can arise at material seams and joints.

The interview concludes with a discussion about the misconceptions regarding mold-resistant materials and the presence of mold in metal and concrete surfaces. Cheryl highlights the role of dirt and dust as food sources for mold and the need for continuous learning and improvement in the field.

Overall, the interview highlights Cheryl Ciecko's expertise in addressing toxic air quality caused by water damage and mold in buildings. It emphasizes the importance of education, collaboration, and proper building practices to create healthier indoor environments.

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