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Exploring High Performance Building with Rob Hosken from Building Performance Architecture

Offsite Dirt hosts Mark Wille and Audree Grubesic sat down with Rob Hosken, an esteemed architect specializing in Building Performance Architecture. Rob's expertise lies in designing buildings that prioritize energy efficiency, sustainability, and overall human well-being. The conversation delved into the importance of proven practices, the power of infrared imaging, and Rob's passion for high-performance projects. Read on to learn more about Rob's insights and how he captures energy efficiency in stunning visual representations.

Building Energy Efficiency and Proven Practices:

When asked about massively increasing building energy efficiency using proven practices, Rob emphasized the significance of research and established systems such as the Energy Star program developed by the US EPA. With over 25 years of building science research, Energy Star serves as a solid foundation for residential building performance. Rob also highlighted the importance of energy-ready homes and passive house standards, sharing his experience in working on one of the first certified passive house apartment buildings in the US.

The Power of Infrared Imaging:

Building Performance Architecture aims to make energy efficiency tangible and visible. Rob explained how infrared imaging offers a unique perspective by capturing infrared light, which is invisible to the naked eye. By assigning colors based on the intensity of infrared light, the camera produces striking images that engage viewers and effectively communicate information. Rob shared examples, including an infrared image of a tree radiating warmth, showcasing the power of nature and its connection to energy.

Differentiating Infrared Image Spectrums:

Mark and Audree were curious about the various color palettes used in infrared imaging. Rob demonstrated examples of different palettes, such as the Iron and Rainbow high contrast options. The images not only draw attention but also provide valuable information. Rob explained that infrared images are particularly captivating when they highlight potential issues, such as air leakage, moisture problems, or missing insulation. Additionally, contrasting high-performance buildings with others in their surroundings creates compelling visuals that prompt further analysis.

The Impact of Infrared Imaging:

Sharing his experiences with posting infrared images on social media, Rob expressed his surprise at the level of public response. Thousands of people engaged with his posts, appreciating the visuals and gaining a deeper understanding of building performance. The images helped bridge the gap between technical jargon and public understanding, creating a platform for discussing energy efficiency and its importance. Building Performance Architecture has benefited from the exposure, leading to new opportunities and growth for the company.

Passion for High-Performance Buildings:

As the interview neared its conclusion, Rob shared his passion for high-performance buildings, emphasizing his interest in both residential and commercial projects. His focus lies in achieving high-performance outcomes, whether it's a passive house apartment building or helping improve the energy efficiency of existing structures. Rob's dedication to creating sustainable and efficient buildings extends to both residential and commercial sectors.

Rob Hosken, AIA, BECxP

51 Arch Street Extension

Carnegie, PA 15106

(412) 441-1075 (office)

(412) 576-3743 (mobile)


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