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From Education to Innovation, Symbi Homes Does It All

By Karen Benner

Nicole Tysvaer of Symbi Homes is using her PhD in Education to help train and develop more high performance housing professionals, and prospective clients. On this episode of Building Better with Karen, Nicole shares the "why" behind her career shift, and plenty of details about the innovative projects she is working on. Regeneration House, which was selected as ProRemodeler Magazine’s Model Remodel 2022, includes both a deep energy retrofit of a 19th Century Victorian Home, and the addition of a new New Zero Accessory Dwelling Unit. Hear about the products used for humidistat-controlled ventilation, floor-mounted mini-splits, and lead paint encapsulation. You'll also learn the reason her team decided to keep a ventilated attic space - and how they still cut the original home's air leakage in half!

There are many exciting projects on the horizon for Nicole and her team. Symbify Consulting allows her to impact many more families, and also helps to deploy more local contractors to execute the work scopes that improve home performance, health & comfort. The Retrofit Lab is a pilot project that will open the doors of an active home remodel in the heart of a DC community, giving homeowners more awareness of the possibilities of high performance home improvements.

We wrap with a sneak preview into their 2024 Case Study for the Journal of Light Construction, Queen of Zero. The client's story has a tragic beginning, but will result in America's First Net Zero Energy New Build Queen Anne Victorian Custom Home. Nicole will once again put her Education background to good use by sharing continuous updates and detailed insights with the industry throughout the project's life cycle.


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