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Green Building Expert, Carl Seville Builds for Tomorrow

Carl Seville is a consultant, educator, and speaker on sustainability for the residential construction industry. His firm, SK Collaborative provides green building certification and building enclosure consulting and testing for buildings throughout the US. In addition to his duties at SK Collaborative, he blogs as the Green Curmudgeon at, and served as half of the Green Police in Hanley Wood's video product reviews. He is the co-author of the Green Building, Principles and Practices in Residential Construction, the first college textbook on green building, and the LEED for Homes Version 4 Reference Guide.

SK Collaborative certifies buildings and enforces building codes. They try to improve training skills with good contractors and architects to understand how to build better. There is sequencing in buildings and it is important how insulation gets stuck in the walls. The weather barrier is important along with every penetration, has a seal and affects the performance on that building. It's all about keeping the water out, by testing windows and looking at the wall systems and details per plan set.

Everyone wants to build things right, it just may not be done correctly because of schedule and timing. Carl is a fan of modular or offsite construction. He liked that these buildings are constructed inside an enclosed environment. He wants the GC's to make sure the building is sealed and intact onsite to finish that process.

He is a big advocate with more simple shape design buildings than the custom high designs currently becoming more available. The vaults and dormers create more issues for insulation. The ductwork in the attic needs more spray form and creates more issues for healthy building. The design for high performance is how we can have more green sustainable projects.

Carl Seville

SK Collaborative

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