Harbor Freight Tools for Schools with Shop Class Podcast

By Mark Wille

In this episode we interview two of The Harbor Freight Tools for Schools 2022 Award winners. Matt Blomquist and Leif Sorgule. To Kick-off the episode we have Tae Kang, program director for Harbor Freight Tools for Schools.

As you may know, Matt has been on a roll bringing awareness to the shop classes by connecting the industry to his unique shop class. Matt's students build a house from scratch ground up every single year. https://harborfreighttoolsforschools.org/

0:00 - Intro with Tae Kang (Program Director)

8:30 - Wining the awards (Matt and Leif)

27:40 -(past winner) Barbercheck

38:17 -Plan for the Money?

1:00:04-How to win

1:07:03-Making a video

Leif Sorgule has advanced skills in a diverse group of machines. Everything from robotics. We're glad to have him on the podcast as he is an inspiration and provides many resources for other shop teachers.

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Check out some of the winners here:


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For those of you traveling to Chicago for #Phiuscon this week, travel safe and make sure you check out the presentation from a recent New York High School Graduate who is on his way to the University of Michigan in January of 2023 when his first semester begins: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dylan-ingui/ We have a special interview coming up with Dylan and another guest that you will not want to miss. He is joined with Matt Blomquist and a new Teacher in Taylorville and recent Graduate Thomas Nichols.

Thursday, October 27thPhiusCon Youth: Building As Climate Action, By Youth, For Youth

PhiusCon Youth 10:30 AM-12:00 PM DescriptionThis session, presented by youth for youth, will explore the connections between youth climate activism, building decarbonization, Passive House design, and high-performance building trades trading. What is the youth perspective on the climate crisis and how Passive House is a key solution? What are the tangible ways that today's youth can affect real change? How are youth already leveraging building science to create healthy and resilient buildings?

Youth tickets are available on the PhiusCon registration page for this discussion: https://www.phius.org/phiuscon/agenda/conference-schedule Speakers

  • James Hartford(Speaker)River Architects, PLLC, Partner, AIA, LEED AP, CPHC

  • Dylan Ingui(Speaker)University of Michigan

  • Thomas Nichols(Speaker)Taylorville High School, Vocational Instructor

  • Matt Blomquist(Speaker)Taylorville High School, Building Trades Instructor

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~Mark Wille

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