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High Performance Build Review the Importance of Air, Heat and Moisture Flow

By Mark Wille

My buddy Joe Loves His Work:

Welcome to the PHirst Episode High Performance Build on OffSite Dirt PHeaturing Mark Wille and Joe Konopacki. This is Your opportunity to REview the Importance of Air, Heat and Moisture Flow... and so much more. This is the PHirst Episode PHeaturing our buddy PHrom InSight Protperty Services. Guess What? Building Science Priciples is a program PHor You to Dive Deeper and eXpand Your skillset.

Take a PHotos of the QR Code and Take #greenstepsforward: Joe is the CEO of Insight Property Services his business provides a combination of home inspections with measurable environmental data to assist with retrofits, remodels and new construction to build with High Performance Principles. He is also a resident HERS rater and offers training to help others to understand BPI (building science principles). His business is growing in the Chicagoland area because more people want to live in healthier environments.

Mark Wille the host of Offsite Dirt discusses how each one of these 3 principles of a High Performance Build make a difference with designing and constructing better building practices. Using these simple practices will enhance a better living experience for the consumer wanting to use them.

The High Performance Build series offers education on the "how to use, and why to use," these practices on your next construction project. We want you to live longer and healthier, designing a living space that includes the PHresh air, heat REcovery and moisture flows which crucial to achieving a healthy lifestyle as efficiently and safe as possible.

Get REady to eXploRE ":Leaky Buildings" and "How To" Test them in PHutuRE episodes with Joe.

Connect with Joe: Reach out to Insight Property Services:

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"Test & Verify" with Third Part eXperts like Joe.

When You See This LOGO on #OffSiteDirt ... get REady for another eXciting conversation with Joe K:

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Together We BuildChange with #greenstepsforward

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Connor Malloy
Connor Malloy
2023년 5월 04일

Great article. Nice to learn more about Joe.

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