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Holzraum System, Carbon Smart by Design for Energy Savings on Building Projects

Ilka Cassidy, a certified passive house consultant and Steve Hessler a heavy timber structural designer, project manager and PHIUS+ certified passive house consultant are creators of a software platform called Holzraum System. This conversation runs deep with explanation of how breaking a part of the architectural design plans with this system, allows for greater clarity on structural connections, measures energy applications with specific materials and outputs real time data.

Offsite Dirt discovers how specific this data can provide a builder all the details needed to build a high performance or LEED certified project. As you give them your specific requests, Steve and Ilka can offer high level and specific building information to complete it with better results.

Audree Grubesic and Mark Wille, are interested in opportunities to improve the building process. The devil is in the details on the Holzraum System approach, offering certifications and assists with building a better move evolved construction project.

Holzraum System

Carbon Smart by Design

Ilka Cassidy Dipl.- Ing. Architecture

Certified Passive House Consultant | C: 267.879.9991


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