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Innovative Collaboration: How Three Industry Leaders Redefined Z Modular's Multifamily Project

The air buzzed with anticipation as industry experts gathered for a panel discussion on the transformative power of collaboration in multifamily project delivery. The stage was set with three key players: Peter Vereecke from Z Modular, Kent Anderson from Wesco, and James Haas from Nichiha USA all in Atlanta, GA at the 2023 Offsite Construction Expo.

Kent Anderson, Senior Business Development Manager, Manufactured Structures, at Wesco started the conversation by sharing Wesco's ability to tackle market complexities and enhance profitability and productivity for its construction customers. As an end-to-end supply chain services provider, Wesco supports multiple types of offsite construction projects, from schools and multifamily projects to high-rises and manufacturing. Kent's narrative seamlessly wove in the partnerships with Z Modular and Nichiha USA.

James Haas, Modular & Hospitality Sales Manager at Nichiha USA, shared insights into their role as a global manufacturer of architectural wall panels. With an impressive $1 billion in annual revenue and 23 years of installed product experience, Nichiha USA specializes in creating versatile wall panels with various textures like wood, brick, sandstone and more.

Peter Vereecke, General Manager of Z Modular, illuminated the audience on Zekelman Industries, the parent company. Grounded in a rich history dating back to 1877, Zekelman Industries has evolved into an industry leader in hollow structural sections (HSS) steel. With a two million sq. ft. offsite building capacity across two plants in Arizona and Texas, Z Modular's commitment to an ecosystem approach is evident in their innovative technology, including the Z Block and Advance Automation.

One of Z Modular's flagship offerings is the Fuze wrap product, a two-story marvel, and the flat line, a garden-style three-story design with only five variations. The collaborative efforts didn't stop at design; Nichiha and the providers worked together to create cost-effective solutions, exemplified by a $500,000 savings achieved by switching from custom color panels to stock coated panels.

Wesco's service offering from manufacturing support to on-site electrical solutions showcased the depth of collaboration between the companies. Z Modular spoke to the positive impact that Wesco's electrical distribution expertise had on project timelines and efficiency. The collaboration extended beyond borders when a Canadian plant faced a challenge; Wesco's collaborative approach with partners ensured a seamless solution, aligning with the client's vision.

This panel discussion wasn't just about products and services. It was a testament to the power of collaboration, where each player brought their unique strengths to the table. The success of the multifamily project, as highlighted by the panelists, hinged on a shared commitment to innovation, efficiency, and, above all, the best interests of the client. The takeaway was clear: in the world of multifamily project delivery, collaboration is not just a strategy – it's the key to success.

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