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It's HERE...#International FlashingAwarenessDay

On August 26th Big Dog Construction invites you to join the Holiday and spread the word on the benefits of Flashing for the construction industry to protect our buildings. The YT is up: Flash Me Day - YouTube

We are soooo excited to share these videos and images on our PHavorite Holiday of the year:

Aron Jones ( • Instagram photos and videos Gena Hoyt and Aron Jones are incredible leaders in this space and we are thrilled to be a part of the THIRD Year of this influential holiday. If you &/or your team has a flashing detail, would like to share a failure or show off your new shirt... please record a 90 second video or less in landscape format and forward it to Click here to learn how to record your video: Tips to Share your Video for International Flashing Awareness Day

Do you see these incredible shirts? Wow! THREE years in a row Marcus of Knightingale Design has delivered with quality, creativity and the perfect layout & color. You can see the work of this hard working team on #IG: Marcus Nagtegaal (@knightingaledesign) • Instagram photos and videos

Thank you to our sponsors:






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