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Kipnis Architecture Leads Change in Design Trends

Audree Grubesic and Mark Wille host OffSite Dirt speaking with Nathan Kipnis of Kipnis Architecture. They are recognized as Chicago’s premier award winning sustainable architectural practice. Nathan shares the universal trend in helping bring high performance build through architectural designing.

Kipnis Architecture + Planning (KAP) was founded in 1993 and is based in Evanston, Illinois and Boulder, Colorado. KAP has practiced the architectural design philosophy of 'High Design/Low Carbon™' long before it was in vogue. We are guided by the idea that architectural design excellence need not be sacrificed for principles of sustainability. Rather, we believe sustainable design expands the possibilities for innovative architectural forms, construction methods and the use of materials. A particular expertise is the architectural integration of passive solar and bioclimatic design. We are early signatories to the AIA's 2030 Commitment, rigorously working towards having our projects be 'net zero' for their energy use by 2030.

Stylistically, their designs are the creative synthesis of your wishes, the project’s sustainable and wellness goals, the site's context and your budget. They excel at modern, transitional, and historic aesthetics.


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