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Kitspace Manufacturing and Design

Graham Blake, the CEO and Founder of Kitspace, heads a boutique consulting advisory firm based in Vancouver, Canada, specializing in addressing challenges within the built space. With a background in industrial and furniture design, Graham has leveraged over two decades of experience in multi-family development. His primary focus involves industrialization and supply chain strategies. Offsite Dirt welcome's this new approach to the built interiors environment, founder Audree Grubesic, said, "Kitspace has a unique approach to standardization and she love that they are supply chain agnostic for product solutions."

Kitspace, under Graham's leadership, actively engages in enterprise-scale projects, aiding in productization and collaborating with innovative startups to devise effective strategies. Graham advocates for a design-for-manufacturing and industrialization approach, integrating production mindset into the conventional built environment. Effective communication with other consultants is a key aspect of their strategy, streamlining project flow and functionality.

The emphasis on detailed design work at Kitspace involves early engagement with experts, supply chain considerations, and leveraging associated benefits. One of the challenges their clients often encounter is resistance to utilizing vendors or supply chain manufacturers, as opposed to exploring various solution possibilities. Kitspace specializes in supply chain diagnostics, particularly focusing on interior design solutions. Their expertise spans all facets of a project, including the seamless integration of electrical and mechanical components into interiors.

Viewing the built environment as assemblies, Kitspace explores prefab opportunities, challenging the assumption of regular trade packages. Approaching projects with an open mind to partitions, prefab assemblies, millwork, or fixturing, they provide clients with data-driven solutions, offering a clear direction on best practices and options for reimagining the built space.

Why take a design for manufacture approach?

User-centric design:‍ Focusing on end user experience and outcomes, maximizes value in urban real estate. Improved coordination: Investing in high fidelity interior design prior to tender allows for better pre-construction coordination and supports value engineering initiatives. Direct procurement: Having fabrication files and project BOMs in hand enables direct purchasing from OEM production partners, reducing traditional supply chain overhead and margin. Seamless integration: Easily integrate programmatic interior design strategies with off-site / modular construction providers.

Graham Blake - CEO

c +1 778 918 4996

Kitspace ltd

1575 West Georgia Street

Vancouver, BC, v6g 2t1, Canada


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