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Maybe the window needs to be moved... Passive house design

Audree meets Katrin Klineberg, the founder of Passive House and discusses the premise of healthier living for everyone with Passive house design.

There is so much community built around Passive house design. In this series of OffSite Dirt, founder Katrine Klinenberg and Mark Willie, sustainability expert share the premise and promise of was founded in 2003 by Katrin Klinenberg with single family homes and in the past almost 20 years, have created certifications in passive house design as well as training programs and educations specifically for builders, architects and others to become a leading design build category of its own.

Each time they found a roadblock like finding builders who would work with the designers, they found solutions. The design process became more and more popular that policy makers started to create incentives to build this way. Passive house design stems from sustainability, energy efficiency and healthy living.

The passive house helps reduce the carbon footprint in an effort to ease the global climate changes and pollution. They calculate a carbon emissions total for each project before the building is built.

"A building uses a certain amount of energy and emits energy as well. Passive house design creates efficiency by determining the correct building materials, design, and architectural features to maximize comfort and minimize carbon footprint. " says Mark Willie, a proponent of and a sustainability expert. "Living in a passive house design is quiet, clean and comfortable."

Keep in mind that is not just about houses but about housing and building. Learn more about Passive house design at


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