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Mineral Wool Insulation, Cross Laminated Timbers, T-Stud; New Construction Building Materials

Mark Wille, host of The Dirt Series, #greenstepsforward explains several products from SPIDER Connection System, Cross Laminated Timbers, Fiberglass Insulation Framing, DensGlass Exterior Sheating, Mineral Wood Insulation, T-Stud and Bird-Safe Glass. Each one of these materials have specific uses, including the structural durability of how it performs. These products are selected for a specific design purpose when creating the project and overall construction output.

"As Madonna would say "we live in a material world." Mark explains, each material we just say is a stepping stone to creating a better idea, or better building material. When you work with your team it allows the actions of those around you. That very example is then copied and expanded on for the next generation.


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