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Offsite Dirt on Site at MBI

The annual Offsite Construction Expo by Modular Building Institute was a success in Denver, Colorado. It started with an in person event at the Colorado Convention Center on September 24th from 8am to 4pm. It continues from September 27 - 28 with a virtual program. The in person event on Friday, had about 250 people meet several modular manufactures along with several event speakers on manufacturing, architecture, Set & Stitch and modular build process. Other companies that attended this event were building material suppliers, 3rd Party inspectors, set & stitch companies, modular elevator products, software providers, modular architects, panelized companies and many more.

Josh McShanog from T&M Construction shared a booth with Modular Sure Site (Audree Grubesic), as both companies have designed a brilliant partnership for offsite solutions. Modular Sure Site is a national first class construction management company providing consulting services to residential and commercial builders and developers. They provide collaboration to create, design and aim clients from traditional builds into modular construction. T&M Construction is a national Set & Stitch company. They provide turnkey solutions to setting your project, coordinating the crane and build schedule for their part of the project. You will learn more about their process tomorrow on the Offsite Construction Series, September 28th at 8am pst, 9am mst, 10am cst, 11am est. This one hour event is important to understanding the process of the build and why the set and stitch is extremely important to completing the project correctly.

Some of our OffsiteDirt friends attended like Best Gen, Fading West Development and BMarco Structures We are so proud of these manufacturers and as they continue to educate others in this industry. It was so great to connect with Jason Carter, the Mod Coach He is actively working on several new factories and we cannot wait to hear more about his overseas opportunities.

There were so many individuals, builders and developers learning more about offsite construction. Many first-timers are experiencing new opportunities to build and dive deeper into how the build process has evolved. We appreciated seeing the team at Modular Building Institute, they did an exceptional job at organizing such an intimate event. Their next BIG event is April 25-28 in San Antonio, TX, 2022, called the World of Modular annual convention and tradeshow. for more details. is looking forward to attending this amazing opportunity to connect with other companies outside of the United States.


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