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Our UK Contributor, Adam White Offers High Performance Experience to Builders

Adam White is a builder, businessman and father has many companies in the construction space including Intelligent Membranes. This waterproofing product is used on all construction projects, but also meets Passive House standards as a building material. This unique purple product that is painted on surfaces is making a big impact overseas.

Audree Grubesic, the founder of Offsite Dirt had the opportunity to get Adam's perspective on high performance and how it is impacting the builders knowledge. Adam and team have design builder programs in the UK. These events assist individuals and companies with insights on how to build a more energy efficient and secure building envelope for more living comfort.

We are thrilled to have Adam's perspective. He is going to let us know what is happening in England and outlying areas. These conversations offers us more value to know how improvements in building are evolving especially in the offsite construction space. Make sure to tune in each month to get the latest building updates from Adam White.


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