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Passive House Benefits

Shaun St Amour and Mark Wille discuss the principles of Passive House design and construction benefits. Each specific area from Healthy, Comfort, Quiet, No Dust, Keeping the Wild Things Out, Elimination of Moisture & Order, Durable, Predictable Performance, Monthly Cost Savings, Energy Efficient, and Resilience are the reasons this type of construction is needed.

Why are these principles so important?

Each one of these demand a high level of building performance that allows for a more healthier approach to living in our homes and buildings. For example not having odor or moisture in our homes, allows us the freedoms to reductions of molds and toxic chemicals exchanging in the air. If our homes are energy efficient, then the cost savings each month add up.

Shaun's mission is make sure all people have the opportunity to build or live in a passive house designed home. He believes once you understand these great benefits you too may want a new home by using these principles.

Slide Credit Courtesy of Passive House Accelerator



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