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Retrofit Data Hub by Wesco

Wesco's Manufactured Structures team has created a custom-designed retrofit data hub for a leading provider of mobile offices, portable storage containers, and modular units. The client had been cutting into walls to relocate power and data outlets, leading to project delays, complex rebuilds, and loss of profitability.

Wesco developed and built multiple prototypes of the retrofit data hub, which was evaluated at customer locations across the U.S. before being unveiled in 2020. The retrofit data hub includes networking capabilities and can be preconfigured for a user's temporary or permanent modular spaces. The customer can more easily relocate the hub based on their requirements without damaging the space.

Wesco also provided power poles, selected specifically for the modular industry, to deliver power and data drops that could be reconfigured to complement the customer’s extensive office furnishings portfolio. The retrofit data hub provides the customer with a new technology-enabled solution to market to its users. Wesco's innovative solution has enabled customers to meet users’ accelerating demands for more powerful data and communications solutions.


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