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Revolutionizing Multifamily Construction: Insights into Arris Holdings Corporation and Wesco

In the ever-evolving world of construction, Arris Holdings Corporation has emerged as a pioneer in the multifamily modular building industry. With a focus on speed, efficiency and quality, the company has revolutionized the construction process. We delve into an exclusive interview with Andy Miller, the VP and head of manufacturing at Arris Holdings Corporation, discussing their strategic partnership with Wesco, a leading global supply chain solutions provider. Together, they have overcome supply chain challenges, leveraged standardized designs and fostered innovation to help reshape the landscape of modular construction.

Efficiency and Innovation through Collaboration: Arris Holdings Corporation, established in January 2019, was born out of a mission to construct multifamily projects faster and more efficiently than traditional site-built methods. This vision led to a strategic partnership with Wesco, a supply chain and distribution leader with expertise in electrical, plumbing and other essential products and services. Wesco's support proved invaluable, particularly during supply chain challenges, ensuring uninterrupted production and the delivery of high-quality materials.

Standardization for Consistency and Productivity: One of the core principles behind Arris Holdings Corporation’s success is their commitment to standardized designs. By employing only five apartment designs for all their projects, the company achieves efficient production and consistent quality. This approach allows them to streamline their manufacturing process, optimize resource allocation and reduce costs. Moreover, standardization facilitates seamless integration with Wesco's supply chain further enhancing productivity.

Production-Oriented Approach for Long-term Planning: Unlike traditional project-based construction, Arris Holdings Corporation follows a production-oriented approach. They build an inventory of standardized units and pull from it as needed for specific projects. This strategy empowers them with long-term planning capabilities, granting better control over the supply chain and ensuring the timely completion of projects. By adopting this production mindset, Arris Holdings Corporation has made offsite modular construction significantly more effective and efficient.

Seamless Collaboration: Beyond Supplying Materials: The partnership with Wesco extends far beyond the supply of materials. Regular interaction between Arris Holdings Corporation and Wesco representatives is the backbone of their collaboration. Wesco professionals visit the manufacturing plant, working closely with production and purchasing departments. This close-knit relationship fosters a shared understanding of Arris Holdings Corporation’s unique requirements and enables proactive problem-solving. Moreover, Wesco actively contributes innovative ideas to continually enhance the product and tailor it to the facility's needs.

Flexibility, Efficiency, and Long-term Viability: Arris Holdings Corporation’s construction-as-a-product approach offers unparalleled benefits. By combining standardization, efficient manufacturing processes and the strategic partnership with Wesco, the company achieves flexibility, efficiency, and the ability to meet long-term needs effectively. This comprehensive approach allows them to adapt to changing demands, scale production, and deliver high-quality housing solutions efficiently. As a testament to their success, Arris Holdings Corporation now produces approximately 800 apartment units per year using modular construction methods.

The multifamily construction industry is undergoing a transformative shift, driven by companies like Arris Holdings Corporation and their strategic partnership with Wesco. By leveraging standardized designs, adopting a production-oriented approach, and fostering a collaborative environment, Arris Holdings Corporation has become a trailblazer in the field. Their innovative methods not only enhance efficiency but also offer the flexibility and long-term viability necessary to meet the growing demand for multifamily housing. As the industry continues to evolve, Arris Holdings Corporation and Wesco stand at the forefront, redefining construction practices for a brighter future.


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