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Trends & Tips Lighting, Appliances & Plumbing Fixtures

There are many issues with supply and demand for building materials and especially with lighting, plumbing and appliances. Lead times are much longer and acquiring specialty items may not be available at all. Mark Hopwood with Ferguson, BAC, Builder Appliance Center in Colorado gives us insight into what is happening.

He offers tips and trends for consumers and multifamily builders. You will also see one of their projects that is close to the Colorado Rockies baseball stadium in downtown Denver. There are opportunities to find products that will work for your project, it's just making sure you have the right lead time, good relationship with your sales reps and understanding what's available and when. Offsite Dirt is a media and event company that showcases all the current news, techniques, technology, influencers, and conversations in offsite construction. This form of construction encompasses volumetric, modular, prefab, panelization, and single and/or multi-trade assemblies.


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