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Wesco Delivers Turnkey Solar Canopy and EV Charging Infrastructure to Western Canadian Municipality

Amid the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, a forward-thinking municipality in Western Canada approached Wesco with a visionary plan - to design and install a cutting-edge solar canopy and electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure. The objective was to power a new fleet of electric vehicles while simultaneously reducing CO2 emissions, promoting sustainable practices, and minimizing the fleet's carbon footprint. Equally important was the municipality's commitment to preserving the local ecosystem, including the natural vegetation and the migration and nesting of the great blue heron.

Wesco's team rose to the challenge, setting out to create an innovative solution that would optimize solar exposure and efficiency. Analyzing the sunlight levels in the parking lot, the team determined the most suitable location and orientation for the solar canopy. Collaborating with their renewable energy team and OEM group, Wesco provided a comprehensive project design that included 105 Charge Point CPF Level 2 charging stations for the fleet, a built-in solar canopy complete with modules, inverters, and optimizers, and a distribution kiosk to efficiently power the EV chargers. The significance of the project was two-fold-not only did it cater to the immediate needs of the municipality's EV fleet, but it also embodied a strong commitment to environmental sustainability, fostering a greener and more ecologically responsible future. With a steadfast dedication to environmental preservation, the Wesco team took into account the unique challenges posed by the local ecosystem during the build process. Despite pandemic-related supply chain disruptions and a temporary shutdown to accommodate the nesting season of the great blue heron, Wesco remained determined to deliver the project within budget and on time. Today, the results stand as a testament to the team's expertise and determination. The finished project impressively generates approximately 53,566 kWh of electrical power back to the grid annually, making a significant contribution to the region's sustainable energy efforts. Furthermore, the successful integration of cutting-edge technologies significantly reduced the city's fleet carbon footprint, bringing them one step closer to their ambitious goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2040.

The project's positive response from the municipality and the recognition it has garnered as an award-winning endeavor underscore Wesco's unwavering commitment as more than just product sellers - they are true solution providers dedicated to meeting their customers' needs. By embracing Wesco's turnkey solar canopy and EV charging infrastructure, the municipality has not only embraced a greener and more sustainable future but has also set a commendable example for other cities and regions to follow.


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