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Wesco Turns a Vision into Reality for Original Equipment Manufacturer in the Oil and Gas Industry

*Electrifying Fracturing Fleets: A Case Study in OEM Innovation*

In the heart of Houston, Texas, a renowned oil and gas electric fleet builder was about

to embark on an audacious journey. With a legacy of manufacturing heavy equipment

and e-house solutions, they saw an opportunity to steer their fracturing fleets away from

diesel and towards electric power. The president of this innovative original equipment

manufacturer (OEM) recognized the immense potential in this endeavor and sought out

the expertise of Wesco to turn this vision into reality.

**The Challenge**

The challenge was monumental. As a traditional OEM deeply rooted in the oil and gas

industry, transitioning their fracturing fleets from diesel to electric power required a

complete overhaul of their manufacturing processes and a profound shift in their product

line. Not only did they need to develop entirely new equipment, but they also had to

ensure that these innovations met the stringent technical and regulatory standards of

the industry. The challenge extended beyond technology, reaching into supply chain

management and customer service. To rise to this challenge, they needed a partner

who could offer not just products, but a comprehensive solution that integrated

seamlessly into their ambitious vision.

**The Solution**

Recognizing the enormity of the task at hand, the manufacturer approached Wesco, a

global leader in electrical, communications and utility products, solutions and services.

What set Wesco apart was their Technology and Support Services (TSS) team – a

dedicated group of experts offering technical insight and expertise. This team played a

pivotal role in this transformation, right from the design stage.

One of the early challenges was engineering the low- and medium-voltage control

systems. Wesco's TSS team, with their deep understanding of electrical systems, was

instrumental in selecting the ideal cabling to exceed the rigorous technical and

regulatory specifications. By doing so, they managed to minimize the need for bespoke

products and standardized parts, which, in turn, helped eliminate engineering change

orders and long lead time parts. The use of standardized products coupled with a

vendor-managed inventory program ensured a cost-effective and resilient supply chain.

But it didn't stop at products and supply chain solutions. The TSS team went beyond,

offering a preventive maintenance solution that leveraged cutting-edge sensors and

software. This ingenious approach was designed to deliver a truly differentiated service

level to the customers. It ensured not only the reliability and longevity of the electric

fracturing fleets but also allowed for proactive maintenance, thus preventing downtime

and maintaining peak operational efficiency.

**The Results**

The partnership between the OEM and Wesco bore fruit, and the results spoke for

themselves. In the first two years since the implementation of the project, the customer

successfully electrified their fracturing fleets, aligning with their end user's carbon

reduction initiatives. This transition marked a significant stride towards a greener and

more sustainable approach in the oil and gas industry.

The collaboration didn't just lead to the adaptation of new technologies; it enabled the

successful launch of an entirely new product line. This revolutionary move broadened

the company's horizons, positioning them as a leader in electrified fracturing fleets. The

integration of electric power not only met the industry's changing demands but also

showcased a deep commitment to environmental responsibility.

This transformation wasn't solely about technology; it was about partnerships, trust and

innovation. It was about recognizing a challenge and turning it into an opportunity. The

oil and gas electric fleet builder's transition from diesel to electric was a testament to

their vision, the dedication of their team and the strategic support they received from


In this ever-evolving world, it's not just about keeping pace with change; it's about

leading the charge. And for those who dare to envision a greener, more sustainable

future, the journey is not just electrifying – it's electrified.


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