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"Be intentional about the outcomes you want for your career."

Sandra Henry is the CEO of Slipstream and our featured woman in construction. She is a thought leader and offers the important impacts of reducing carbon in construction. One of her goals is to drive down our carbon footprint and foster opportunity and equity.

What attracted you to this new role?

Slipstream is an implementing contractor for ComEd’s New Construction program, and I had the pleasure of connecting with Slipstream when I worked as a ComEd Senior Program Manager. Since then, I’ve admired the organization’s mission and vision and have watched it evolve to what it is today: a national thought leader that accelerates climate solutions for everyone.

The timing couldn’t be better for Slipstream to achieve that mission. Driving down our carbon footprint in ways that foster justice and equity is the opportunity of our lifetime, and I am excited to lead Slipstream as it drives us toward a better tomorrow.

What are your goals for the next 24 months?

My main goal is to build a strategic plan for the next three years with input from everyone at Slipstream. The strategic plan will set the foundation for long-term planning of Slipstream’s five- and ten-year visions.

We’re looking at where we are now, where we want to be, and how we can get there best without compromising our commitment to offer solutions for everyone – not just those with the money to fund their own clean energy future.

Slipstream is an organization of highly driven, expert staff that live and breathe the mission. I want others to look to Slipstream as an innovator for climate solutions and a collaborator to tackle the wicked problems we must face together to achieve our ambitious climate and equity goals.

How will this company impact others?

Every day Slipstream works to accelerate climate solutions for all. We're here to help us achieve the IPCC’s goal of net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 – and to make sure that everyone benefits from the transformation.

We do that through research, programs, finance, and education and training. Our research team offers guidance on how we can decarbonize buildings at scale. We make sure the market adopts solutions that don’t ask people to compromise comfort and don't leave anyone behind.

Our programs help utilities and governments to design pathways to make buildings healthier, safer, and more resilient against climate change, and our finance arm helps those entities offer innovative, inclusive ways to finance clean energy and energy efficient upgrades.

Our Education and Training team keeps building professionals at the vanguard of the clean energy transition and prepares them to deliver the latest clean energy tech to the people they serve and dispel misconceptions.

Will some of your current relationships (organizations) or industry partners impact this company?

Yes. Slipstream actively seeks partners to help us achieve our mission. We can’t achieve our mission without the help of our allies in the climate fight. Zero emissions by 2050 is too ambitious of a goal to tackle alone, and to make sure our solutions are for everyone, we need to design them collaboratively.

What would you say to other women in construction about breaking the glass ceiling?

Say yes to new opportunities – you are your own worst critic, and I am confident you are more qualified than you think.

Build a strategic support network and continue to develop that as you grow. You’ll need different mentorship and support at different stages in your career. Don’t be afraid to cultivate that network yourself.

Be intentional about the outcomes you want for your career – and name them to anyone who will listen. The more you keep your intentions top of mind for yourself, the more others will work to help you achieve them.


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