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Construction Woman Specializes in Web Design For Builders

Offsite Dirt features Katlyn Slocum as one of our Women in Construction. Coming from a family of business owners in the trades, she got to see first hand the hard work, dedication, and many elements involved in running those businesses. In 2015, she got her degree in Business and ventured into working for a startup marketing company. When that marketing company went out of business when she was pregnant with her second son, her ambition journey of starting her own company began, where she could do something creative while staying home with her children.

She ended up meeting a person in the wastewater industry who had asked her for help with his marketing. This resulted in expanding into social media, copy writing and website design where she invested more time and money in learning as much as she could. Since her business began 5 years ago, Katlyn has harnessed her education and experience to grow her bespoke website agency to six-figures, having helped dozens of businesses get real results through something called website strategy.

Website strategy is where Katlyn Slocum Web Design sets themselves apart from other designers.

Here's a recent example of her work with a custom home builder in Toronto...

This builder came to Katlyn needing specific results because their current website wasn't generating any leads. Katlyn started off their website project with a strategy call to figure out things like:

  • Who are your ideal clients?

  • What is the type of business you want to attract?

  • How is your current website performing?

  • Who are your top competitors?

She also installs tools on their website to measure results and see exactly what users are doing when they visit their website. The goal is to gather behavior data to improve the website functionality and user experience. Another element to her work is through the act of storytelling. The goal of a business website is to be a guide that offers solutions of what the client needs, sees value in, and especially helping relieve any fears or worries they might have.

  • Do you really know your ideal client inside and out? What they like? What they dislike? What their values are?

  • What are their pain points? How are you able to come in as a guide to address those pain points?

It's all about the KNOW, LIKE and TRUST, but being able to communicate clearly is an art! The written content is the biggest area to invest on your website as Katlyn expresses intently. One month after the launch of their new website, Katlyn's builder client had this to say:

"In just the first month since we launched our new site, we've had more project inquiries than we had in the previous 12 combined!"

What would these kind of results do for your business? Katlyn grew up in construction and now she is on a mission to help the industry one website at a time. Make sure to go on for her FREE DOWNLOAD, "10 Things Every Construction Website Needs in 2023."


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