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Transparency, Honesty and Project Influencing is the Difference with Integro Builders

Audree Grubesic the host of Offsite Dirt, speaks to our featured Woman in Construction, Allyson Anderson about her company, Integro Building. They have an office in Chicago, IL and also Michigan. She is deep into the industry; a council member for Urban Land Institute, President of the National Association of Remodeling Industry for Greater Chicago and an Affiliate Member of the American Institute of Architects.

How does Allyson create project influencing? She learned that there are a ton of inspiring people in this industry. When you keep your eyes upward and forward, things just happen and you meet like-minded individuals that want to grow and work together. It all just naturally happens for the better. Communication is the biggest factory and realizing this big investment, building a home should be valued and the process should be understood by all. There are fundamental team aspects of working with the architect and understanding the builder approach. It's important that both parties work together cohesively because the client is the most vulnerable in the process, and taking care of the client is the most important part of the build.

COVID has changed her business from remodels to more individuals wanting to build a second custom home. This has been very true with their expansion in the Michigan market. Not only was there an increase in remodel projects for the smaller contractor as she reclaims but, for the larger builders the larger expansion was in the vacation home or second home market. This has been a steady growth and continues to expand in Illinois and Michigan.

Integro Builders believe in transparency, we believe in honesty, we believe in partnerships. That every project can and should be properly scoped, competitively priced, and professionally executed. Your surroundings impact your life. Their goal is to raise industry standards, develop and grow quality trades and craftsmen, and change the perspective for what can be expected of a contractor.Allyson's passion is to create beautiful spaces that inspire and thrive.


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