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FrameCad shifts our mindset from “Construction” to “Manufacturing”

By: Sneha Kumari

Series: Leanify Construction with Sneha Kumari

"I am highly delighted to host this show in association with OSD. And my third guest today is Robert Johnson from FRAMECAD. Robert is a highly accomplished executive with over 40 years of experience in the construction industry. Throughout his impressive career, he has held numerous leadership positions at some of the wealthiest and most prominent construction firms in the industry. Currently, he is Business Development Manager at FRAMECAD, where he is responsible for Western North America.

In addition to his professional responsibilities, Robert is also a prolific social media influencer.

With over 58,000 followers on LinkedIn, his daily posts offer a wealth of motivation and inspiration to thousands of people all over the world. he also hosts the Build It Better podcast in association with Framecad which brings the latest advances in the prefabrication cold-formed steel industry.

In our discussion, we talk about how NA is not leading the idea of "offsite construction" and Robert sees a huge opportunity to make the shift happen. The challenge is to move the mindset from “construction” to “manufacturing”. Technology plays a critical role in transforming the industry.

There is one problem of getting people to adapt to the new software being introduced but also the other side of the software does a better job of bringing the whole story of the project together. We are living in an "App" world right now and we need to change that. We also get nuggets on why Offsite is going to change the way we "Build" and "think " about construction. The beauty of offsite is that it is a design-led methodology, we are doing clash detection so much sooner in the process without a spade full of dirt moved at the site. If you build your hotel with offsite construction, and you finish your project 3 months earlier and your ROI is faster, your construction loan time goes down and that is where your cost savings are. Offsite prefab should not be looked at “line-item pricing” mentality, it should be looked at “proforma basis” and from the overall project lens."

Robert Johnson, Business Development Manager at FrameCAD and host of the Build It Better Podcast - powered by FRAMECAD

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