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"I was put here for a purpose."

Meet Christine Hernandez, CEO | Leadership Impact Coach of Bold Leader Collective

What attracted you to your role/position?

My parents were the original owners of Champion Carpet; my dad arrived in America from France when he was just ten years old and had to suddenly build a life for himself. My dad is my hero. He defeated all odds and created wealth in one generation by clearly defining how he wanted to raise his family. He wasn’t afraid to ask for help, to take risks, and worked hard to become the successful man he is today! He created a business with impact and legacy, which in turn empowered me to take it to the next level. It brought many long hours and hard work that took a toll on not only himself but his family. His dream became my ambition, to help more people who, like my dad, were not given an easy start in life, who have visions, and a desire at the chance to leave a legacy without the level of sacrifice it took on my dad and our family.

I had to work hard growing up, and am so appreciative of my parents for never giving us anything that couldn’t be used as a lesson on the value of real-world problem-solving and honest work for the things we wanted. I have found something beautiful happens when we pair hard work and past knowledge with today’s technology and innovation! I believe that we can do more together, which is why I am honored to raise the next generation of the workforce for the construction industry!

What are your goals for the next 24 months?

In the next 24 months, we are working to impact 100 business owners-operators in construction by helping them take their teams and cultures places they didn't know were possible and teach them how to empower their teams to create a legacy together!

How will this company impact others?

We have developed a mentorship and coaching program to help owner-operators attract, hire, manage, retain and enjoy the team they desire. We exist to assist owners in the construction industry to achieve more and enjoy what they have built!

What are the latest trends in hiring subcontractors or employees?

With the great resignation and the employee/labor interest decreasing rapidly in the industry, most would view this as a crisis, but I believe it presents a beautiful opportunity for the companies and individuals that want to stand out, educate and diversify through innovation.

The work climate such as remote and hybrid workforce is still buzzing, boomers are starting to transition out of the crew, big corporations are notably catching some heat for toxic work environments, and the DIY culture continuing to take off are all contributing towards the opportunity presenting itself! The construction industry could ride the wave and make the market turn for years to come by capitalizing on the changes.

As companies learn to give people purpose, mentorship, and community, it creates a loyal workforce that has been missing! If you are ready to make the necessary changes and a mindset shift, you will have a powerful and dedicated team to grow with. The market growth and demand are waiting for all the untapped potential in a workforce just about to arrive.

Do you have a quote or mantra that keeps you inspired? If not, how do you keep moving forward?

I stay inspired by focusing on my vision for my life and my business, as well as knowing that I was put here with a purpose. It is up to me to see that purpose and actualize it!

My commitment to my team keeps me motivated. I vow to empower them to make the impact they were created for, even when that means launching onto another path!


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