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“If it was easy, everyone would do it. Get up and keep running."

Edie Dillman is CEO and co-founder of B.Public Prefab – a component-based high-performance building company that prioritizes energy reduction and housing creation. As co-founder of a decidedly disruptive company, she is committed to systems change and the rapid adoption of solutions for the natural and the built environment.

What attracted you to your role/position?

I hit a moment in my career (or a specific birthday) where it was impossible for me to ignore the environmental crisis. I was in the very fortunate position of having an opportunity to start a new company with an off-site approach developed by my business partner. Honestly, it was a crazy leap of faith without a safety net. But playing it safe is not where change comes from and if we can do good in this lifetime I feel we must. So, this was my chance to help protect our planet, build homes, create some green jobs and share the great news that there is so much we can do. Go big or stop complaining - so I chose action and I am so thrilled to share our journey.

What are your goals for the next 24 months?

Triple our company! I want to grow our staff, manufacturing capacity, and the number of low-energy healthy housing units built with B.PUBLIC. We are in a growth surge and I feel like we are running at full speed for the next couple of years. We launched the company two years ago and thinking forward to the next two is so exciting. Yes, some days the to-do list and ambition for B.PUBIC is daunting - but it is also a privilege and a joy to help improve the building industry. Off-site construction and the next generation of green building is here and the next 24 months is going to be huge.

How will this company impact others?

This is a big one! Let me climb up on my soapbox for a moment. The number one impact is to improve the health of occupants of our homes. The indoor air quality and thermal comfort is our number one outcome - and it is a huge benefit to all that this is achieved by consuming radically less energy and carbon.

Today we are helping ten families rebuild from wildfires. Getting people home and safe is the kind of impact we want to have. Our homes are built for generations of permanent low-energy and resilience.

What are the latest trends in high performance?

Craftsmanship is trending! Pride in detail and good materials! Something so old-fashioned is trending. We are seeing this sweet twist on pride and high-tech materials.

Do you have a quote or montra that keeps you inspired? If not, how do you keep moving forward?

“If it was easy - everyone would do it.” Get up and keep running.


Edie Dillman

Co-Founder | B.PUBLIC Prefab

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