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Marla Esser Cloos, Healthier Home Advocate and our Woman in Construction

Marla Esser Cloos is changing the way we live healthier lives in our homes. She is a home coach to assisting people, families and businesses with GREEN tips to improve our living spaces. We had the opportunity to find out more about her experience in construction.

· What attracted you to your role/position in the construction industry?

I started in a small home energy efficiency firm over 15 years ago and between working with homes and the sustainability world, felt like I'd come home (literally). Helping people to live better was the draw.

· What are your goals for the next 24 months?

To help more home pros by building the reach of my online education and program offerings. To build more partnerships with related businesses, especially women owned businesses, to elevate us all to grow our construction camp offering

· What would you say to other women in construction about breaking the glass ceiling?

Find people to support you and let them. Joining organizations like Professional Women in Building through the Home Builder Associations or National Association of Women in Construction helps to find this support. Be yourself and follow your heart.

· What motivates you to work and play hard in this industry?

The opportunity to help people living in homes have better lives through healthier, better homes

· Do you have a quote, mindful practice or inspiration that guides you forward?

" We’ve focused on Simply put, now it’s time to focus on what happens where our body lives.."what we put in our bodies (food, water…) and on our bodies (personal care and beauty products)."

· Tell us about one of your wins or victories.

Being found online by a client wishing to build a healthier, better home and working with her and her husband. (still in process, stay tuned!)

· How does your company impact others?

By helping home pros - designers, builders, realtors, etc - better understand what makes a healthier, better home and create better homes, the people living in these homes get a better living experience. It's all about the people.

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Marla Esser Cloos

Healthier Home Advocate | Author | Podcaster, Green Home Coach


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