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Summit Engineering, Kim Bos is Building New Business in Construction

Audree Grubesic meets Kim Bos, responsible for business development at SUMMIT Engineering, Laboratory & Testing, Inc. Kim discusses her journey in the construction industry, including her previous job at Regus and how they restructured during the pandemic. She then talks about working for Leader Companies and Carolina Gypsum before being recruited by Summit to work in business development. Kim expresses gratitude towards women who have supported her and for encouraging her along the way and helping her find a good fit in Summit. The conversation also covers challenges faced by women in the industry and ultimately ends on a positive note as Kim reflects on finding an ideal team to work with. Audree discusses how connections and support from other women have helped her succeed in the construction industry. She believes that women are an asset to the industry and can provide valuable contributions. The conversation also touches on the importance of supporting and promoting more women in construction, with a focus on their value and potential for growth within companies.

What attracted you to the role/position in the construction industry?.

In all honesty, it was a wonderful group of women (Christi Powell with 84 Lumber, Angela Gardner with Hill Electric, and Rachel Veltri with Neves Construction) who have all been in the Construction Industry for 25 years plus! Their dedicated passion to see more women working in the industry encouraged me to continue down this path. I was working for a construction company that was a smaller outfit in the area helping in Operations and Business Development in “what I thought” would be a temporary position while I was in between jobs after the pandemic. While meeting these women and getting involved with their Women’s Construction Group, I was recruited by my current company, SUMMIT Engineering, to take on the role of Business Development for our growing area in Greenville, SC. With my experience being in Residential and Commercial Real Estate, I was concerned about not having expertise in this industry. Angela said to me…..Kim, you can do ANYTHING, just Go for it! Her words spoke life to me while embracing a new journey. I followed her advice and accepted SUMMIT’s offer.

What are your goals for the next 24 months?

My goals are to dive in and learn as much as I can about the industry while collaborating with a fantastic team as we have merged with a National Company, UES, Universal Engineering Sciences.

What would you say to other women in construction about breaking the glass ceiling?

As someone once said to me…..You can do ANYTHING! Just go for it! Be confident in your expertise and what you bring to the table.

What motivates you to work and play hard in this industry?

I love connecting with new people, the challenge of learning something new, and offering my skills as well to continue helping us to grow.

Do you have a quote, mindful practice, or inspiration that guides you forward?

I love the movie Hacksaw Ridge! A soldier who was adamite about serving without a weapon and to just be a medic. In the end, he was honored by his fellow soldiers for his conviction and saving the lives of so many.

His prayer was “Lord, help me get one more.”

Business Development is about connecting and partnering with people and businesses with the goal of increasing revenue and maintaining retention for the company. ”Lord, help me get one more.”

Tell us about one of your wins or victories?

After accepting the offer with SUMMIT, I was asked to serve on the Board of Directors for Women Confidence Builders ran by Christi Powell. My win is the incredible women I have met hearing their stories and seeing them all come together as a community of support.

How does your company impact others?

I work with an incredible team who truly value and respect one another not only in our working environment but also every person we encounter in business. We are grounded in Excellence with our team, our work, and our customer service.


Kim Bos


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